Room 104 News: Issue 25

June 3rd, 2016

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This week in 104

On Tuesday we went on our trip to Reptilia. We saw crocodiles, alligators, snakes and snapping turtles. We were lucky and were able to touch some of the creatures. We had lunch there. We would like to thank the parent volunteers who came with us.

On Monday we were happy and excited to find that our crysalids had hatched into butterflies. We took them outside and they flew away.

We planted some more flowers on the fence in the yard. Some of them are pink and one will be a sunflower. We are all helping to water them and look after them. They are going to look very pretty.

Dictated by the students in room 104.

Information and Reminders!

  • Hats & Reusable Water Bottles: Now that the warm weather is here we will be spending more time outside for physical activity, nature study and free play. Please ensure your child brings a hat that protects them from the sun and a reusable water bottle to use throughout the day. Juice boxes are not recommended. They are usually too much for the children to finish and can’t be resealed.
  • We had our last library exchange this week. Please enjoy reading the books together and have all library books back to school by June 17th so Ms. Zezima can do inventory and get the book ready for next year. Thanks and remember READING IS FUN!!!
  • We will continue with Borrow-A Book exchange until further notice.
  • Thank you to the students that are remembering to bring their mailbags back to school every day. We never know when we will have notes etc. to send home so please make sure the bag is sent in EVERY day.
  • Poetry Folders came home last week for the last time. For the month of June we will be practising for the SK Graduation instead of doing the poems.
  • REMINDER: we go outside every day so please make sure your child has clothes suitable for the weather at school every day.
  • Many of the children have the same or very similar clothing and they do not always know which items belong to them. This is taking up a lot of our time and causing some upset feelings. Please, please help us out by making sure that all removable clothing has your child's name written on the inside label. Thank you.
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Dates to Remember

Thursday, June 9th: Scholastic orders due.

Friday, June 10th: PA Day, no school for students

Monday, June 13th: Whole school panoramic photograph

Friday, June 17th: Pajama Day

Friday, June 17th: Last day of the snack program

Wednesday, June 22nd: Kindergarten Water Play Day

Tuesday, June 28th: SK Graduation

Wednesday, June 29th: Last day of school for students

Thursday, June 30th: PA Day, no school for students

Friday, July 1st: Canada Day

Special Helpers for June

We are not doing show and tell any longer as we are using that time to review and approve the items that the children have saved to Seesaw. We will still have a special helper of the day who will take the attendance, be the line leader etc.

Special Helpers for this week are:
Monday, June 6th: Charles

Tuesday, June 7th: Aaron and Elise

Wednesday, June 8th: Sumayyah

Thursday,June 9th: Luxson

Friday, June 10th; No school


The students in Room 104 love to ask questions and wonder about things. There is a website called Wonderopolis that will help you to continue this questioning at home. It is a collection of questions or wonders to get you thinking and then there are links to some information about that topic. You can just visit once in a while and explore the wonders that have been posted OR sign up and have a daily wonder delivered to your email address.

Make this the summer of WONDER :-). You can go to the site by clicking the link below.

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