21 Day SHIFT to a New You

Ignite change for your best life

Detox your mind, body and soul

In your 21 day journey I will share in this workbook with you:

  • Scripture reading
  • Meditation time and journaling
  • Enter into your fast prepared to fast repeatedly until your get a breakthrough
  • End your fast in expectancy to walk in a new dimension of freedom and spiritual authority
  • Food guidelines for fasting
  • Meal planner and Recipes

During your daily prayer, meditation and scripture reading you will learn many of the things listed below:

  • How fasting will sharpen your “spiritual ear” to hear from God
  • How fasting and prayer can break the bondage of compulsiveness
  • The power and anointing you will experience by living a fasted life
  • Creating structure to spend more quality time with God

Tameika McPhaul

Hi there! I'm Tameika McPhaul, your self-love facilitator, spunky spirit speaker, positive affirmation-inducing author and founder of the GLAMfident Life. I teach women and teens how to embrace their ideas and manifest their visions, one goal at a time. Through experience, education, and insight, I equip them with the necessary tools and resources to make a positive difference in their life.

Wouldn't you love to be FEARLESS, BOLD, AND GLAMfident inside and out?

I have been featured on The Huffington Post Live, Dr. Oz, WHYY and various online print and radio outlets.

I'm also dedicated to my role as wife and mother of three a son and twin daughters.