Fifth Grade News

Week of December 15th

13 Days 'til Christmas!!!

As we move into our last week of 2014, we want to thank all of you who have helped us out during this busy time. Several of you were brave enough to be our subs when we had our shopping days and we can not tell you enough how much we appreciate your being willing to help us or any other teacher during this time of year. For those of you who are involved in preparations for our Christmas parties next week, we know everything will be fabulous and be assured..... the kids are very excited!

Academics Next Week in 5th Grade:

Reading: Shades of Gray Chapters 11-15

Math: Math Review

Writing/Grammar: Poetry Portfolios Due Monday

Social Studies: Ch. 11 Testing

Spelling: Westlandia, Words from Many Cultures

Tests and Quizzes Next Week:

Ch. 11 Social Studies Vocabulary- Monday

Ch. 11 Social Studies Test- Tuesday

CHAMPS classes are now complete and now it is time for the kids to show what they have learned. Their essay, which is required for graduation, is due January 8th. That's the Thursday after we return from the Christmas break. A date for graduation has not been set at this time but we will inform everyone when a date is on the calendar.