GCA National Honors Society News

Dedicated scholars meet the 2nd Wed of each Month at 4pm

Hello It's a Great Day at NHS and GCA

Greetings from your NHS sponsor,

Mrs. Leslie Clark.

Next Meeting March 11 at 4pm in your ClassConnect Calendar!!!

Here is the link for our meeting:


Please have your service project turned in

and be ready to share ideas for our next project.

New Study Island Class to track NHS membership and attendance :)

Reading Opens Up A Whole New World

Service Project:

What to do:

1.Find someone to read to

2.Read them a story or newspaper article

3.Take a picture of you reading to the person

4.Post the Picture in your NHS folder by March 10th

These ROCKSTARS have created and shared their NHS Folders

Big image
Big image


You must attend 5 NHS meeting per year per the NHS bylaws.

All of our meetings are important and your LIVE attendance is needed.

Why? Everyone must participate, in order for NHS to be beneficial to all members

I know you guys are busy because you are honor students :)

If you have to miss a meeting here is what I need you to do.

Kmail me, as soon as you know you have to miss

Watch the recording

Complete you “Missed Meeting Assignment”

If you miss a NHS meeting and want to continue to be a part NHS, You must tutor a GCA student in any topic for 1 hour. If you need help finding someone to tutor Mrs. Clark will assist you.

Please fill out this survey for tutoring. http://goo.gl/forms/1Gyi5ZHHCh

I need everyone to fill it out so I know what subjects you are prepared to tutor in in case you must miss a meeting :)

NHS Resource Symbaloo

Here is the link: https://www.symbaloo.com/mix/gca-nhs

Please check weekly for updates.

You can find all our bylaws, policies, meetings, newsletters, and our meeting room link.

I welcome all Questions or Comments :)

Call me at 404-334-4790 x 525

or Kmail me

Mrs. Leslie Clark