What's your Plan?

31st of March

Dear UK 1st Impressions,

A huge congrats to many of you who were out there working March like never before! The last day is always a nail-biter as we watch the final numbers roll in. I'll be popping out the well-deserved kudos tomorrow so tune in on the amazing results this team is reaching! ** Be sure to check your Activity Report to see if you're close to reaching your goal. There's still time to get a few more sales in the door if you want :)

And for all...each day can be a fresh start to your business and I'm ecstatic that April 1st is upon us. April is a HUGE month for momentum and with all the exciting tools we have to help us, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

CHALLENGE FOR THE WEEK: "Do the Danielle":

2 Calls/2 Emails Everyday this Week from 8-8:30pm (I know, I know, that can be a tough time for many but just read on) - Can you do this? It's simply emailing two potentials and calling two other potentials every night. Simple and gets results Danielle says. (i.e. Monday: email 2 people tonight to warm them up can call 2 people who've already been warmed up to secure dates; Tuesday night: call the 2 you emailed tonight and email 2 more to follow up with them Weds night, and continue on for the week.

Honestly I despise making calls in the evening b/c I'm low on energy at that point AND I'm so busy with kids that it really doesn't work well for me BUT...I can do anything for a week I'm telling myself so I'm going to try it. Danielle insists that this is a fabulous time-management tip AND gets RESULTS. So, who's in with me? Who will also try this technique out to book shows and share the opportunity?

Post your updates/results on our UK 1st Impressions Team Facebook Page and be entered into a raffle for a Summer Statement Necklace! https://www.facebook.com/groups/341207202639355/


Autism Awareness Sales begin tomorrow! Book those shows with this fabulous tool. I feel so luckly to have a business that affords me the opportunity to bring cash in the door and give back to such a worthy cause at the same time. I'm sure we all know people who are affected by this in one facet or another so reach out to them and offer your help in raising awareness and funds!

Summer Line Ordering Begins!: http://lounge.stelladot.co.uk/news/summer-2014-collection

Tuesday, 1st of April

All Stylist* Launch

Friday, 4th of April

Customer Launch

*All Stylists who have earned their Stylist Sample Discount of 50%. If you have not sold over £175 | €200 in the 3 months prior to launch, you will only be able to purchase items at 25% off, unless you joined in these 3 months.


Qualified Consistency Bonus includes April, May, & June.

Qualify (£600 in retail sales) all three months this season and earn £100 in Product Credits

Did you miss Jessica's Opportunity Call?

No worries! You can share this link with anyone who is interested in launching their own fabulous, flexible fashion business! (Also find them in the Training Calls section of SDU, regularly updated with our latest calls - http://sdu.stelladot.co.uk/training-call-archive/27)

Here is last week's call:


** Tip: I take 15 mins. every Wednesday before the Opportunity Call to send out emails to my Top 5+ potential stylist leads inviting them to the call later that day. I truly block time in my calendar to do this weekly. If its in my calendar, I'll do it. By sending it out just prior to the call, they may actually remember to listen in. Then I follow up with a call/email to help answer any further questions they may have. If you do this regularly each week, you will build your team :)

Join Your Local April Meet Up!


Mark your calendar to go see the Summer Collection in person and connect with the other fabulous stylists in your area.

Here's the link to find one closest to you: http://stylewatch.stelladot.co.uk/events_uk/

Below is an example of a RedStamp I make up as an invite for my local teammates and potential stylists each month....

Make it a great week everyone!

xo's, Carrie McGraw

Senior Director & Founding Leader