A Note from Ms. Higgins!

Welcome to our first classroom newsletter! Please take a few moments to read and stay up to date on events, topics, and fun facts about our class :)

Ms. Higgins

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Whole School Meeting

Thursday, Oct. 27th, 9-9:45pm

35 Princeton Avenue

Hopewell, NJ

Kindergarten is leading the Whole School Meeting for the month of October! Please join us in the cafeteria as Kindergarten discusses the importance of Trick or Treat Safety.

Halloween Parade

Monday, Oct. 31st, 2:15pm

35 Princeton Avenue

Hopewell, NJ

How to Participate on Halloween

Halloween Morning-I will be having Halloween Centers and inviting several parents to come into the classroom to lead a center (all planned by me, I will just need parent to run it that day). I will post a sign up sheet on Shutterfly.

Halloween Party-Our two room parents plus two additional parents will be allowed in for the Halloween Party. For the two additional parents, I will be posting a sheet on our Shuttefly for parents that are interested in to sign up. I will then randomly select two parents (probably by pulling names out of a hat :) ).

Halloween Parade-All family members/friends/etc. are invited to the Halloween Parade which will take place around the perimeter of the school and will end on the black top.


Monday: Art

Tuesday: Gym (Don't forget sneakers!)

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Library (Don't forget Library Books!)

Friday: Spanish/Social Skills

This Month In Kindergarten...


Happy Birthday!

Cole Dorsky- October 8th

Celia Carsky Wilson-October 11th

Leana Brangwynne- October 23rd

Charlie Rogers- October 26th

FUNdations and Phonemic Awareness


Our first month has been spent learning letters and letter sounds in relation to the FUNdations chart. The class goes through each letter and states the letter name-keyword-sound. The first unit teaches two to three letters a week. Students will complete activities that reinforce and extend letter recognition and letter sound correspondence.

Phonemic Awareness:

Our first month has been spent completing a variety of listening games. This sets a groundwork for students so they will be able to listen and manipulate sounds in words. Below our a list of games we have learned. Feel free to try at home!

1. Listen to Sequence of Sounds: Students close their eyes and listen to a sequence of different sounds. After, they have to list each sound they heard in order.

2. Whisper your Name: Students stand in a circle and whisper their name. One student is removed and is assigned a student name to listen for. This student is blindfolded and led back to the circle. They are directed around the circle until they find the student whose name they were asked to listen for.

3. Nonsense: Students listen as someone says familiar poems or songs. The person saying the poem or song intentionally swaps out words of phrases. Students identify the swap and repeat the poem or song using the correct words.

Readers' Workshop

Our first month of Readers' Workshop has focused on learning how to be readers. We have learned how to:

1. Find a Book

2. Find a Cozy Spot

3. Turn the pages gently

4. Read with a Partner

We learned to read our books using the following strategies:

1.Read the pictures

2. Read using words we remember

3. Read by retelling (or rewinding)

Everyday Math!

We have begun our first unit of Everyday Math. We have touched upon the following topics:

1. Measurement-comparing what is longer and shorter

2. Counting-Counting up to 10 independently and in games

3. Graphing-Graphing birthdays and ages

4. Number Sense-Investigating different ways to make numbers

Writers' Workshop-Learning to be Writers!

Our first Unit of Writing has focused on writing routines. We generated true stories about our lives. We have just started our second unit on Label Books. These are books about one topic (fruits-strawberries, bananas, grapes, etc.). Use the charts below to help create a writing center at home!

Check out some of our fun Brain Breaks at GONOODLE!

Go Noodle!

Check out the Go Noodle website to view all of our Brain Break and Morning Movement videos in addition to some new ones :) Follow the directions below to create your own account at home!

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