Early Ojibwe

Winter, or Biboon

Secluded camps

The Ojibwe moved to secluded camps in the woods. Far away from others, they did this because food was scarce. Each part of the forest could only feed small numbers of people. If the weather was not bad, men and boys would go and trap fresh meat. Only the best hunters would go out to hunt large groups of animals, for days. Even if you did not have a lot of food, you still must follow Ojibwe rules and give your food to others.

Winter, or Biboon activities

Winter, or Biboon games and activities

After the children have done there chores. They played games. Some of the games were. Sliding down hills on their toboggans. Witch were what we call sleds. They also raced in their snowshoes in the woods. They also played a game called the snow-snake game. The snow-snake game was a competition to see who could slide a smooth wooden pole. The longest distance over the snow.