Sun-Tan Man

Sun Safety Campaign

The Sun-Tan Man Campaign

The campaign will be in the form of posters and television advertisements. The advertisements will consist of a Narrator telling the story whilst The Sun-Tan Man acts it out.

The Sun-Tan Man

The Sun-Tan man lived in a house on Melanoma Mountain. Everyday He would go for a walk with no hat, no sunscreen and no shirt. He would always get very badly sunburnt, but didn't care because he thought putting on sunscreen and wearing shirts was stupid.
One Day, The Sun-Tan Man was walking outside a local school, when some students came up to him. "It's very important to be sun safe" they said, "Always wear a hat, sunscreen and a shirt when outside.





The next day, The Sun-Tan Man was walking along when he saw a Doctor's office. The Sun-Tan Man thought about what those children had said. "Perhaps i will go inside and have a look" He thought to himself. The Doctor told The Sun-Tan Man that he was getting very badly burnt and could die of cancer if he didn't take the proper sun precautions. The Doctor told him that it is important to wear sunscreen and a hat.
From then on The Sun-Tan Man always wore a shirt and hat and always used sunscreen. He also goes to get his skin checked for melanoma every now and then by his local dermatologist. And if ever The Sun-Tan Man saw someone not wearing a hat or shirt or not using sunscreen, he would go over and say "Don't be a Sun-Tan Man, join the Sun Safety Clan!"

The End

The Sun-Tan Man Song - Sung to the tune of "Garbage Man"

The Sun-Tan Man, Oh The Sun-Tan Man

He's the Sun-Tan Man

and he never reapplies,

and his skin has fried

Don't Be A Sun-Tan Man, Join The Sun Safety Clan!