Creative Commons

What is it, and why do we have it?

What is creative commons?

Creative Commons is a term used to describe a copyright license which enables a middle ground between having your work protected by solid copyright meaning that somebody has to ask you every time they want to use it and Public domain which allows anybody to use it in any way they want. It's a system which allows the creator to choose what happens with their work by allowing the creator to put certain restrictions on their work which applies to everyone.
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The four restrictions of Creative Commons

There are four restrictions that you can choose to have, or not to have on your creative commons license.


It enables others to use your work but only on the condition that they give credit to you in the fashion that you request.


You let others distribute and use your work, but only for noncommercial purposes meaning they can't make money off your work.

-No derivative works

You let others use your work, but they can only show original versions of it and cannot modify it.

-Share alike

you allow others to use your work only under the condition that the work to be released under the same or similar license as the original.