Eagan Evaluation Reflection

Evaluation Celebrations

I was most excited by Mr. Tietz's recognition of my ability to create a positive and supportive learning environment! I firmly believe that school is for all students to feel safe and secure, so I was incredibly flattered by his acknowledgement of this being my strongest standard.

Areas of Growth

  • Assessments
  • Learning Differences

Goals to Achieve Growth

Assessments (this one was tough with social studies because OPS has its own set of summative assessments students must take)

  • work to create more formative assessments as check points for learning
  • develop interactive notebooks with students to act as check points
  • more review games and activities

Learning Differences

  • complete Gardner's multiple intelligence survey with all students (I had some students during this portion of student teaching which I did not have during my first half. I wish I would have had these students complete this survey like the other students did during my language arts teaching)
  • look to incorporate several intelligences within a single lesson to engage more students
  • work on understanding cultural differences between students of different background from my own - this can be accomplished through conversations with students and a little independent research