Katy Day

by Cynthia Aguirre

My day with Katy Perry

Two days ago I was sitting on the couch eating chilli cheese dogs when I got a phone call from Katy Perry saying that I was the lucky winner of a challenge, and I would be spending the day with her. Excited, I ran to tell my mom the news. She screamed “Oh My Gosh” and couldn’t believe what she was hearing. We jump in the car and my mom drives me to the mall where Katy told me to meet her.
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What we did

When we arrive at the mall I see Katy Perry and scream. I couldn’t believe it was really happening. I gave her a huge hug and told her she was my favorite singer of all time. She asks me what I would like to do and I tell her that I would love to go shopping with her. We walk around the mall shopping at favorite stores, Justice, Forever 21, and JC Penney. I bought this really cool top and purse and we had the best time ever. The shopping made us super hungry so we ate lunch at Wienerschnitzel. I had my favorite Chili Cheese dogs and Katy had one too.

After lunch Katy tells me that I am going to get a

make-over. I am so excited, I have always wanted one. We go to the salon where they do my make-up, put blue highlights in my hair, and I get a pedicure. They paint my toenails black. I love the makeover and feel so happy and beautiful. Katy then tells me that the day is not over. She tells me that she is taking me to her concert that night. I am so excited, I can’t believe it is happening.

We ride in a limo to the concert arena. Katy takes me backstage and shows me where her dressing room is. While she gets ready I eat some snacks and relax. When she is done she takes me to the stage and introduces me to all the people there. I am so nervous. When she is done introducing me, I get to sit in the front row and watch her concert. I think to myself, “Wow, this has been a great day!”.
Katy Perry - Roar (Live in Concert 2014)

The Best Day Ever!

When the concert is over, Katy tells me that I it has been an awesome day. “I have had fun with you too”, I say. I give her a big hug and say thank you and goodbye. She tells me to keep in touch. I smile and get in my limo that takes me back home. As I lay down to go to sleep that night, I think about how awesome this day has been and hope that I can do it again sometime.