October 2020

Stafford County Middle School Focus Newsletter

Welcome Back from Dr. Fellinger (Facilitator of of K-12 Gifted Education and Secondary Programs)

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!

As we enter the school year, many of our gifted and talented students struggle with the new school environment and learning virtually. However, this is an opportunity for gifted students to learn coping strategies when facing new or challenging settings.

To support gifted and talented students' families, I would like to share with you three articles from Davidson Institute's gifted web page.

In the first article, "Tips for Parents: Anxiety, Sensitivity, and Social Struggles among Profoundly Gifted Students," Dr. Megan Foley Nicpon offers strategies to help your child deal with social-emotional needs.

  1. How to recognize the benefits of professional help.
  2. How to accept that sensitivities may be out of your child's control.

  3. How to praise children when they take educational risks.

  4. How to model "letting go" and facing fears.

The second article (“Tips for Parents: Coping with Fear”) by Dr. Marueen Neihart provides ways for parents to support their children in coping with fear.

In “Tips for Parents: Managing Frustration and Difficult Feelings in Gifted Children,” Dr. Dale Stewart also provides support with guiding gifted students on how to deal with difficult feelings. Specifically, he looks at three ways for parents to support their gifted children.

  1. Building children's capabilities to observe themselves while experiencing complicated feelings.

  2. Forming a story or narrative about the children's experience(s) of a feeling or situation.

  3. Making conscious choices about their behavior and how to express their feelings.

This year has been a year like no other, many times triggering new fears. We are here to help. As a dedicated, gifted team, our goal is to support your gifted learners academically, socially, and emotionally. Please encourage your child to attend gifted office hours and ask for support. Our families are our top priority!

FOCUS Monthly Thematic Units

Battle of the Books is a scholastic competition among the eight Stafford County middle schools. Student teams come together to answer questions about their knowledge of the books from the year's list. If your child is interested in participating, contact their school librarian for more details and check out this year's titles below. Your school librarian can provide updates on virtual opportunities for 2020-2021.
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See you in November!