My Self-Esteem

What is your's

My own self-esteem

My own self-esteem was high, and not much worried or bothered me. Although I don't worry about what other people think about my opinion, I enjoy when people like me. I am happy with myself and have a positive view on life. I think it is easy to stay happy, and to have fun.

What about low self-esteem?

Affects of low self-esteem can be depression and sadness. If you have low self-esteem, you may not enjoy things or approve yourself. You may think you have to change the way you act to make other people happy. You don't have to change anything, and people will like you. See affects of low self-esteem here at

What is your self-esteem?

If you want to find your own self-esteem, go to If you want to find your self-esteem another way, try to find what makes you happy. To see how to maintain your self-esteem, go to To help maintain your self-esteem, try to appreciate the things you have, and find out what you like to do for fun. Challenge yourself and stay on top of your self-esteem. To keep my self-esteem up, I find something I like, and stick with it.