5H Weekly News

16th January 2016

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break. I have enjoyed hearing all about the students' adventures as we have started our new year together.

We were happy to welcome our new student, Ray Park, to 5H this week! Ray has settled in really well so far, and we are excited to spend the rest of the year getting to know her better. Please note that MAP tests start this week, with our first on Monday morning. There is a note about this below.

As always, please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.


The Week Ahead


We will continue to study ratios next week. We will begin by looking at ratios in fraction form and move on to reading and writing ratios with three quantities. Finally, we will focus on real world problems involving ratios. If we have time, we may complete the end of unit assessment on Friday, but this will depend on student readiness. Please discuss this work at home with your child, as some of the concepts are quite challenging.


Continuing with our unit on research-based argument essay writing, students will redraft their chocolate milk essays. Teaching points will focus on adding quotations to bolster arguments, selecting the most effective evidence, and balancing evidence and analysis in essays. We will also have a special research lesson with the ES library specialist, Kathy Kersting.


In addition to their reading MAP test, students will read and respond to several chapters from Maurice on the Moon, our class novel study book, next week. As well as paying attention to characters actions and motivations in the story, students will be looking for information about living on the moon, which will feed into our upcoming combined science and social studies unit.

Social Studies/Science

As we begin our unit, The Moon Colony, students will be learning about the moon's physical features. We will also be making sun observations for January.

MAP Testing Dates for 5H

Winter MAP tests are coming! They begin next week. See below for our class dates. Please make sure your child has a good sleep the night before each test, and a healthy breakfast in the morning. These things will help students to perform at their best. There is nothing else you need to do to prepare your child for the tests.

Reading: Monday 18th January

Language Use: Tuesday 26th January

Math: Monday 1st February