Ms. Blackmon

MS Ed.,CTC Secondary ELA, CTC Education Specialist

Let me introduce myself!

Welcome! Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Ms. Blackmon, and I am your student's 8th grade English Language Arts teacher. I hail from the city of angels, Los Angeles, California. I am an alumni of California State University, Northridge where I obtained a bachelor's degree in English. I then went on to procure a Master's degree in Education and Curriculum, a teaching credential for English Language Arts, and later an additional credential in Special Education.

I have been fortunate enough to teach at two California distinguished middle schools as the honors(SAS) English teacher. In addition, I have experience teaching grades 9th-11th.

In total, I've been working in education for the last 18 years...and loving it!

Rest assured that I have one steadfast pedagogy: "Teach all children as if they were your own."

New School Year: Here we go!

Monday, Aug. 8th, 7:15am

36555 Sunny Lane

Palmdale, CA

Want academic success? Here are some tips!

1. Come to school daily; if you aren't here you can't learn!

2. Get a good night's sleep...if you're sleepy you will not do your best.

3. Be prepared! Have your supplies and homework ready to go the night before.

4. Seek help if you are having difficulty in your classes.

5. Use your planner! It is a tool for success!

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