Travel Guide To Earth

By:Brody Burkett

Atlantic Ocean

Packing list= you want cloths like some shorts and shirts a pair of jeans with a light wait coat,package food,bottled water,flashlight,medical kit.

Challenges= there could be a storm so get a big boat and rain cloths because you will get wet. You will want to bring some sort of signaling device so you can contact the coast guard or a boat near you. You want a rifle encase an animal try's to attack the boat or you. And there could be a typhoon or tsunami so you want good boat.

Opportunities= Lots of under water animals you could see a whale or dolphin,you can fish, tubing and tubing is where you sit in a tube and a boat pulls you all over the water, also you can swim to.

Grand Canyon

Packing list=lots of water because it is super hot,hiking boots,light weight pants,sports sandle,bathing suit,light wait jacket,rain cloths,tent.

Challenges=very hot so you will get tired,lots of walking ,very thirsty,

Opportunities=there is lots of wildlife and it's so beautiful,it has very warm weather,you can swim, you can go hiking.

Places to visit= visitor center is good place because it tells you what you will see and find in the park, there gift shop because they have some really cool stuff and they have a cafeteria, they have camp grounds all over the camp.

Hawaii Islands

Packing List=Shorts, shirts, light weight sweat shirt, swim suit, light jacket, sandals, shoes, phone

challenges=There could be a tsunami so go when there is good weather so watch the weather, you could get sun burned, some people might not be able to speak English.

opportunities=lots of sight seeing like volcanos, animals, forest. Also there's lots of fun things to do like fish, swim, parasail, tubing, surfing, boating.

ways humans regionalize the earth=time zone, climate, hemispheres

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