Vol. 30~ April 24

Thompson's Talk

Quote of the Week

It isn't what we say or think that defines us, but what we do. Jane Austen

Thanks to all the "doers", which is everyone this week, for all of your help with testing happening! I don't know about you but during this week I am always more tired than a regular week. Thanks to teachers who left their classrooms to test! I know it was hard. It is hard to believe that our year is almost over. Go team Irvin!

Ring the Bell!

  • Thanks to Garrick for being a mentor to one of our kinder kiddos!
  • Thank you to everyone that tested this week. Things went very smoothly!
  • Thank you to those that looked for ways to help out this week. Your kindness and care for our students and staff is appreciated.
  • Thank you to the non-testing grade levels for keeping the hallways so quiet!!!

Important Dates

April 27th

April 28th

  • Kinder Camp 6:30

April 29th

  • 2nd Grade CBA#5
  • Tornado Drill

April 30th

  • Talent Show auditions after school
  • Lead teacher 3:15
  • 1st grade field trip
  • 5th grade to FSMS

May 1

  • 3rd grade park day
  • ISIP Window Opens
  • District Writing Prompt #4 Window Opens

May 4th-Teacher Appreciation Week (More details to come:) This is what we have so far.)

  • Baked potato lunch for all staff

May 5th

  • Teachers one hour lunch-SJ and ST will do recess duty after lunch
  • 3:15 Faculty Meeting

May 6th

  • Paras one hour lunch (Schedule will come soon)

May 7th

  • Lead teacher

May 8th

  • Luncheon provided by PTV
  • Club Day

Assessment Calendar