Christmas Delivery

Great news!

There's still time to get it!

Have you heard the news? Xmas delivery on orders through Sunday! Go ahead and get those items that are on your wishlist and take care of those BFF's you love so much.

Let me know if I can be of assistance.

Happy Holidays,



Something for every budget! Under $30, Under $50, Under $100
I felt it was my duty to share with you just in case you're looking for some cost effective/budget friendly gift items.

If you've completed you're holiday shopping - Congratulations!!

If you see something you like, contact me or just order online directly - www.stelladot/com/ts/xgn96

I Want That!

Simply click the link above - HOLIDAY DEALS to place your order.
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Just for you!

Helping to add a little sparkle to your holidays.

Want to get items for FREE - host a style session, invite your friends, I'll bring the wine and jewels = FUN!!