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Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana is classified as a hallucinogen and a depressant. Marijuana is a substance that distorts the mind and physical being. Marijuana has many names besides Pot and Weed. the names are Herb, Grass, White, Widow, Ganja, Astro Turf, Bhang, Dagga, Dope, Hemp, Mary Jane, Roach, Texas Tea and Reefer. The term Marijuana originated from Mexico. Marijuana is smoked as a cigarette/ joint. It also may be smoked as a pipe. It could be ingested with food, or brewed as a tea; which is where the street name "Texas Tea" came from. Some users open up cigars and remove the tobacco, replacing it with Marijuana, this is known as a blunt. Marijuana has many effects on the body; physically and mentally. Some effects include increased heart rate, lessened coordination and balance, and dreamy unreal like state of mind. Marijuana has a peak within the first 30 minutes. It also has physical effects on the body such as impaired lungs, severe sore throat and chest colds. Smoking a single blunt is equal to smoking about 5 cigarettes. The short term effects of Marijuana wear off in two to three hours, depending on how much the user consumes. The effects are sensory distortion, panic/ anxiety, poor coordination/ movement and increased heartbeat. The long term effects of Marijuana include resistance to illness, growth disorders, abnormally structured cells, reduction of male sex hormones, apathy, drowsiness, lack of motivation and inability to clearly understand things. Marijuana is usually found in warm climates. It is usually grown in USA, Mexico and South American countries. Marijuana has a consistency of Oregano, it is green/ leafy like.

Facts about Marijuana:

-Marijuana is the most common illegal drug in the United States.

-Each day about 6,000 people try Marijuana for the first time.

-Besides alcohol, Marijuana is the most popular recreational mood stimulant used worldwide.

Some good agencies/ rehabs are:

-Destination Hope

-Gateway Foundation

-Unity Recovery Center

-Lakeside Treatment Center


-Phoenix House

-Betty Ford Center.


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