Child Labor

Brittain in the 18th Century N.Lindquist

Jobs Children Did in Factories

Jobs included 1.Cleaning under and inside machines,2.Pushing trolley full of coal down the pits, 3.

Chimney sweeps. 4. Opperated some small machinery.

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Young boys in Child Labor

These poor boys look tired and dirty after a long day of work.

Hours, Food, and Working Conditions

  • Most Children worked 12 hours shifts.
  • They recieved very little if any pay for working almost everyday all day.
  • Working conditions were terrible and unsafe for children to be risking an arm or leg to clean under machinery and the factories were polluted and very dirty which made some of the children very sick.
  • Some children never revieved mor than one piece of bread to last them throught the whole day.

Accidents that often Happened

  • Some children missed out on school and ended up being very slow to comprehend and learn.
  • Some children who went under machinery often lost hands and arms and figers.
  • Some children never wore shoes and would step on class or needles and get splinters and cuts in feet.
  • Shrimp pickers often picked shrimp until fingers bled.

Punishments Children Faced

  • Any worker seen trying to clean himslef ( 1 shilling)
  • Being 5 minutes late (2 shillings)
  • Leaving oil can ouit of its place (6 shillings) inefficient
  • Heard whistling (1 shilling)