Mesopotamia Innovations

By Kevin

What Mesopotamian Legacy has helped us the most? Or how has it influenced Western Civilization the most?

The legacy that has helped us the most would be innovations, why? Because Mesopotamians created a lot of things, one of them is the wheel. At first the wheel was just a jagged circles with cuts into that was made out of stone. then it evolved into what we use nearly every day. Another invention that we also use every day is currency, we use this to buy and sell objects to others with money. Mesopotamians used barely and coins (shekels, mina and talent) as their starting currency and then evolved to stones and materials, and then to paper bills and coins (cent, nickel, dime, quarter, 50 cents, loonie, toonies.) to what we use today

Describe the legacy. What is it?

Innovations is a thing that we can all do. Innovate, Mesopotamians used this skill to create many things that would later on assist us and them in many ways in their daily life and ours. Mesopotamians creations could be very complicated or very simple, like a dam, they could of made this discovery/innovation by mistake.
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Mesopotamia Dam

Dam highlighted in the red oval

How did the mesopotamias use it?

The Mesopotamians used innovation in many ways, one of them is the wheel, they used it as cavalry and transport of small to medium sized items etc; small carts. They also used barely and stones for currency. They also used some skills that they innovated, like laws, mathematics, architecture, astronomy, pottery and fishing. They also used early mathematics for simple math, they used it for simple time as well (60 seconds, 60 minutes, 60 hours).
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How has it changed through time? How do we use it?

Math has changed to become more complex and diverse, the wheel has changed to aid us with travel. Architecture has evolved to be beautiful and we now use astronomy for many things, to predict if a astroid will hit us, or even star gaze.