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March Madness = three book releases, 2 major Delphine events

Buzz of the week: D&K by Mariposa Urbana

Dyce is a Nuyo-Rican hustler who is on top of his game with his hands into a little bit of everything. He loves living the lifestyle and has no intention on slowing down but then he meets Kimori. Instantly he s drawn to this mysterious rose amongst thorns from the bricks of Jacksonville, NC. A passion fueled romance forms and there is no stopping Dyce and Kim. Thinking she has found the love she has always desired, reality settles in when Kim discovers Dyce life as a hustler. Sex, lies, and the ultimate deceit come along when Dyce s ex-partner decides it s now his time for a come up and he s going to take over all that Dyce has built. When Kimori and their newborn son are taken hostage a no holds barred war begins. Any and everybody has become a target to Dyce as he goes into an all-out destruction mode. The last battle for the throne of the east coast has begun. But once the dust settles will this be the final act to end Dyce and Kim forever?

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Cookie Too Lyric's Song by Tamika Newhouse & Dee Shana

This coming-of-age tale depicts the life of Lyric James, who grew up in a suburb division of Fort Worth, one of the fastest-growing inner cities in Texas. To her peers, she was considered ugly, the outcast, and oftentimes shut out of the cliques, but when entering high school, after dating a popular football player, her life takes an unsuspecting turn. Enjoying her newfound popularity, Lyric soon comes to terms with her desire to live life on the edge, catering to her demons of drugs, sex, and fast money. Depicted in the late 90s, Lyric s Song is the story of a young woman who joins the game of the street hustle, finding herself entangled in a web of crime and death. When being sentenced to jail and discovering she is pregnant, she vows to change her life for the better, but upon her release, she is faced with her old demons and suffers a tragic accident that could end everything including her life. Based on a true story, witness the life of a young woman who chose life on the streets in her quest to make everything right again. In the end, will it be too late or can Lyric finally leave the game?

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Black Angel by Stone Erickson coming 3.26.13

Solomon Night is an average high school kid with a life shrouded in mystery. With his abusive step father at home and bullies at school his life is far from easy, All this changes in one night, when Solomon is hit by a car on the streets of New York on his way home. In death, Solomon is finally able to find peace. His eternal rest is cut short by a mysterious apparition offering him the power to protect those he loves and even more, a second chance at life. The deal sounds too sweet to pass up, and Solomon signs the contract that binds him to this mysterious being in more ways than he knows. He becomes the Black Angel and gains an assortment of new amazing abilities. Solomon soon discovers the price of his mistake and finds out the hard way that power is the ultimate sorrow and that every bargain has its price. Now, it s a race to save the ones he loves; or will his dance with the devil be the death of them all?

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When I Decided to D.R.E.A.M. Big cover revealed

Please repost the cover to our second teen book by Tori Turner. Due in stores May 7th #DreamBig

Wednesday March 20th Monthly Tweet Chat

Kisses Dont Lie 2 will be our Tweet chat on March 20th at 7pm CST via twitter. We will use #DPBookChat in all the tweets. Mark the date and plan to read the book so you can ask Author Tamika Newhouse everything you want to know.

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Pictures and Flyers to Repost

Street Team members travel with us!

Miami and Chicago her we come

Three DP Authors are headed to Miami and Chicago for book signings at Jazz in the Gardens and The Black Women's Expo. Are you located in this area and would like to join us to be that days assistant or be one of the on the field street team members. Let us know by emailing us at

Dates are March 16-17th and April 6-7th and repost the flyers and invite locals in that area. More details on the events coming soon. And flyer for Chicago's event is coming soon!

Team Delphine "We are fresh to delph"

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