How Animals Are Treated?

Animal Abuse

People have to stop treating animals bad. Its like if there toys but there not . Animals should be left in the wild with freedom with there parents . Elephants , gorillas , monkeys , all kind of wild animals deserve the freedom instead of living in small and ugly places . Animals should be living where there is lots of beautiful nature and freedom.


According to PETA , In circuses people comand animals to do what they animals dont like to be treated like . It wouldnt be fair if the people who are treating them bad where those animals trying to live a life . Animals have been abused in circuses . In circuses people hit them with claw sticks with a sharp point that make animals.

According to CAPS, they say tear it off make them scream. Thats a bad thing to do for them they think its funny but its not poor wild animals that don't whant to be in cages . People let a monkey eat junk food in zoos that's why animals are diying.

Bad Circuses

According to Peta,

Some people have sometimes their own company they work in so they could help animals that have been abused from circuses. Animals fight to have the freedom we have. In company's they help out animals they train them they sell them and they feed them. Richred is a person who helped wild animals.Bad circuses don't deserve animals that try hard to make them happy every single day for 2 or 3 hours.

According to Peta,

Some animals can't talk but they do art to show people that they aren't getting treated well. Animals need a good home like zoos. Zoos are nice they clean their cages every day and they don't make them do shows or go in huge rings of fire all they make them do is them to be happy with what they have. Animals always now what they need or that what's happening to them people work in zoos so they could give them what they want. Animals don't want to be in places they dont deserve.