Tec(a)h to Learn

Integrating technology into the classroom

November 2015

Every month I will be spotlighting technology to use in the classrooms. Ask me if you want me to help you integrate it! :)

This month many of the sites I found could be used at multiple grade levels, so I did not separate it by individual buildings. The headings will still show what grade levels to make it easier to find what could apply to your classroom.

Any Age

Looking for a good way to review with your class? Flipquiz is a Jeopardy-style site that allows you to enter your own questions and answers and have kids review for a test. It doesn't keep score (from what I could tell on the free version, anyway), but as a classroom review, it makes it super easy to create a Jeopardy game.

Any Age

Wonderopolis has various "wonders" (questions) that allow students to delve deeper into various subjects. Social studies, science, and art are three of the sections listed. You can even create your own "wonder" if you wish. You could use this site to simply look at the wonder of the day, or you could search for specific topics and have students investigate what they find. There are videos included. The video link below provides an introduction to the site.
Ready, Set, Wonderopolis!

Inman, Washington, and Middle School

Bookopolis is somewhat like Goodreads, only kid-friendly. At Inman, I would say if the teacher set up a classroom account and controlled it, then kids could add books and information. With Washington and the Middle School, each student could use their school email to set it up. It allows them to do book reports, book reviews, add books to their shelves, keep a reading log, recommend books, and much more. Possibly use it in reading classes for a book club aspect?

Washington, Middle School and possibly High Schoool

The free version could be used by individual students using their school email addresses. This will allow them to create short (3 or 6 panes) stories to illustrate. It's more like a comic strip than an actual story, but depending on your assignment, that could be perfect. They do offer a paid version for teachers, if you were interested in creating a classroom page.