Important Updates from EUSD

January 8, 2021

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Updates in this communication include:

  • Recent National Events
  • Thank you!
  • Cloud Campus and Phase 3 Update
  • Communication efforts of School Nurses and Health Techs during COVID-19

Message from the Superintendent

Dear EUSD Families,

I know we all hoped for a smooth and easy transition into 2021 and this week certainly proved otherwise as we saw the violent events at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. Traumatic situations like these are difficult to experience and may have brought up strong emotions for both students and adults. EUSD is committed to protecting and supporting students through crisis while understanding the important role educators have in shaping civic minded humans. The world around us is our classroom, and we certainly have more to learn and more to teach. We appreciate our families as partners in this important work.

THANK YOU! I have been most impressed and thankful for our families this week. I appreciate the quarantining of our families that needed to do this. Everyone wants to feel confident and safe in our return and our collective actions can make a difference. I truly saw that this week. Please continue to be vigilant in your efforts and complete the suggested quarantine relevant to your situation.

We have finalized the next Cloud Campus enrollments for semester 2. We are notifying all families of their status this week as new classes will begin on January 25th with the start of the 2nd semester. It was a priority to be able to provide this option to families. Additionally, we are in the process of finalizing our staffing to support Phase 3 of our Reopening for all nine sites.

We want to recognize the difficulties our families face when students have any signs of illness during this pandemic. Issues like runny noses in previous years were easily tolerated and common in place in schools. At this time in our world of COVID-19, any symptoms of the virus in the workplace or school must be addressed with extreme caution and in accordance with California Department of Health Guidelines. We ask parents to understand that these strict regulations are helping our schools stay safe and open. Our health techs and nurses delivering the messages surrounding the need to stay home and/or be tested have recently been subject to hostility as they communicate the requirements. Please respect their roles in being the messengers and know we understand the additional challenges families face when their children are sent home with symptoms. We ask that if you have concerns, you reach out to your site principal and understand the job of our health techs and nurses is to communicate the requirements of public health. They are there to keep all children and staff safe.

In addition, our sites must remain vigilant with safety protocols and expect anyone coming onto campus for pick up or drop off to adhere to the requirement of wearing a mask when on school grounds. Again, please oblige and follow the directives of school personnel when asked to wear your mask.


Andrée Grey, Ed.D.