The Ghost of Graylock

By:Dan Poblocki

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The theme in "The Ghost of Graylock" is never give up no matter what problem may come in the way. In the book, Neil and Bre have to face a lot of problems but never give up looking for who killed Rebecca. They lie to their aunt's,workers, and even their friends. Neil and Bre where very brave doing a lot of things for someone they never new.


Character's own thought/action/words- Neil's entire face throbbed. He new that he had to get out of here. He grabbed the door and pulled with all his strength.

Other characters action/words- Bre swallowed the panic from her stomach. They had to reach the phone in the barn.

Physical appearance- Neil had some good mentors,his favorite show, Ghostly Investigatiors. Neil had not missed a show since the show had debuted two years ago.

Narrator's comments- Neil turned to find his older sister Bre, standing behind him in the doorway. He new that she just as scared as he was.

Point of View

3rd person, here is an example from the book.

Example: The room flickered and, for a moment ,a series of images flashed through Neil's mind. Andy focused on the girl,swaying as if he was having a different time staying on his feet.


In these two parts it builds suspense and helps describe a little bit of the setting. Neil and Wesley are at the park after they visited the Graylock hospital. The second section is when Neil and Bre are reliving the night Rebecca died.

Figurative Language

Her voice was unnaturally high and shook like a child who was on the verge of tears.(Simile that helps describe how she is feeling.)

The building was not wide, but each of its three stories seemed to rise taller than the last, so that the place looked as if it were actually leaning towards them,trying to hypnotize them forward. (Personification)