Technology: Benefits vs. Challenges

Does technology cause a distraction in the classroom?

Discovering More

As our world continues to expand and discover new and innovative technology, it is inevitable that technology has slowly begun to become a crucial part of education. It is important to understand how technology effects student learning. It is important to know both the benefits and challenges that arise from technology integration into the classroom.

One of the main concerns with technology become a crucial elements of education is its potential to cause a distraction in the classroom. Various factors result in technology becoming a distraction in the classroom. One of the main factors is students attitude towards technology and its use for non-task related activities during class time. Strict guidelines and restrictions may need to be enacted to ensure that technology brings benefits to learning.

The teachers must understand the goal and focus of technology and how it should be integrated into activities in the classroom to achieve maximum benefits. Technology in the classroom must have a specific aim and purpose for students in the classroom. Technology must provide students with a unique and different way of looking at a concept or topic. Through technology, students are able to discover more.

Technology in the Classroom: Digital Media
This video provides an interesting look at what technology can do in the classroom.

Questions to ponder...

1. What are some methods of regulations that might be enacted to ensure the maximum benefits of technology in the classroom?

2. Do you know of any technologies that could be easily and effectively integrated into the classroom?

3. Do you know of any success stories with technology being integrated into the classroom?