Exploding sodas


how do you stop soda from exploding?


I think the soda will still explode.Because you have to let it settle after you shake it.Or it will explode.


-3 clear cans of soda

-you and your hands

-apron or smock or clothes you don't care about

-pen and paper


1:Vigorously shake a can of soda for about 1 minute and open it.What happens?Write this down in the chart.2:Shake another can of soda for about 1 minute,but this time,tap the top of the can a few times with your finger.Now open it what happens?3:Finally shake another can of soda for about 1 minute,but instead of tapping the top of the can,do a "snapping motion" at the sides of the can.Do this a few times.Now open the can.What happens?4:Record your results in the chart below.

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Research Notes

-The thing that makes soda bubbly is invisible carbon dioxide gas.

-If you shake a bottle or can of soda,some of the gas comes out.

-Since the fizz in soda is actually dissolved carbon dioxide gas,the goal is to keep as much as the gas in the bottle as possible.


Can #1-it dripped out while exploding .

Can #2-it foamed up while exploding.

Can #3-it foamed up and dripped out the side while exploding.


I think can number one did what it did,because it was opened slower than usual.

I think can number two did what it did,because it was tapped on different places.

I think can number three did what it did,because it might have been flicked harder on some places.

Yes my hypothesis was correct because it still did explode.

What I would do different is I would not pause just open it quickly.

I do not need to test further.

My project taught me that you have to act fast when opening a soda can that will explode.

My projects importance is that if you need help with soda because it might explode it gives you info about it.

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