Updates and Reminders

Eastview Elementary School - September 16

Everyone in the office would like to thank all of you for being so cooperative in limiting clinic visits this past week as we were a bit short staffed. This helped TREMENDOUSLY!

I would like to congratulation Jessica for working to attain grant funding for stem training and robotics equipment for our students. I appreciate her willingness to dive into this venture and provide further opportunities for our kiddos!

Our ETC meeting went really well. I appreciate all of the great ideas and positive support for creating this collaboration time aimed at individual professional growth. I'm excited to see the direction this work takes us. Alex will be in town Monday if you would like to touch base with her.

Thanks for all of your support and for making this the best year ever!


Next Week:


Teaching Assistants Staff Meeting @ 8:30 (Library)

Custodial Staff Meeting @ 2:00 (conference room)

Teacher's Meeting @ 2:45 (Lori's room)

Tuesday -


Grades 3-6: 6th Traits Training during planning times

2nd-6th Grade SLO meeting @ 2:45 in the Computer Lab


K-1 SLO Meeting @ 2:45 in the Computer Lab

Girl Scouts Recruiting (Eastview Cafeteria @ 5:30 p.m.)

Hufferd out in PM for Robotics PD


MSV Training (see below for details) Title One assistants and Mrs. Dunkle are to provide coverage for this

Heather Whitaker (IPLI) visit at 9:00 w/James

School Improvement Plan and Safety Plan Due

Head Start Training @8:30

CC at 1:00

Our Growth Focus

How can we individually and collectively grow in the following areas?

  • Relationships
  • Purpose for everything we do
  • Time on Task
  • Authentic Learning

The charts we made are posted in the teachers lounge. These areas will remain our lens for this year's PD.

To Do

  • Continue SafeSchools Training

Upcoming Events

Sept. 26

Student of the Month Names Due (form will be sent)

Christina, Shari, and James at IPLI conference all day

Mallory and Gary- Building Evacuation Walk-Through

Hrach Parent Mtg @ 5:00

Sept. 27

Evacuation Drill (all school) @ 8:30

Wenta Parent Mtg @ 5:00

Sept. 28

Balanced Literacy Training (review of the framework) 2:15-3:30 for grades 5 and 6

Sept. 29

Literacy Night @ 6:00 p.m.

Sept. 30

Principal/Coach Collaboration Mtg @ 8:30

All SLOs due

Oct. 3

School Pictures

Oct. 5

Train the Trainer PD (Julie and Allison) all day

Admin Team Meeting @ 3:45

Oct. 10

Miss Ross Presentations (k-1, 2-3, 4-6) Schedule to Come

Custodial Staff Meeting @ 2:00

Oct. 11

School Board mtg @ 6:30

Oct. 12

Guiding Coalition Mtg. @ 12:15 (Lori and James)

PTO meeting @ 3:30

Oct. 13

Joint Principal's mtg @ 9:00

Oct. 14

Coach/Principal Collaboration @ 8:30

4th Grade Field Trip (8:30-2:00)

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Below is a snapshot of the school's Lexia usage . As you begin guided reading groups, please make sure this program is part of the rotation (as appropriate).
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