Between the Wars

By Laura Kaufmann

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The Flood of 1927

Arkansas was the state where the flood was the most damaging. Waiting to be rescued, people and animals climed on trees and sat on roofs for saftey from the 30 foot deep water. The Red Cross opened 50 camps to help people who had lost their homes in the flood but many poeple began to become sick inside of the camps. In some areas it took months for the water levels to drop to normal again

Bonnie and Clyde

Clyde, already wanted for robbing stores, met Bonnie when they were both in their early twenty's. After police finally found Clyde, he was sent to prison. After hiis release Clyde started running from the police again, but this time with Bonnie. During the time the spent running Bonnie and Clyde would take pictures of themselves and send them to the newspaper with poems that Bonnie wrote. The rest of their short life consisted ofRobbing stores, shooting a man, kidnapping, and terrorizing some one our boarder states. After a few years, The two lovers wer gunned down in Lousiana.
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