Cordelia Hills Update


Message to Staff


It is always with a mix of emotions that I close a school year. This marks the end of my 4th year as Principal of Cordelia Hills, my 10th as a principal, and my 17th as an educator. I can't thank you enough for the support of my leadership and of our school community. A few thoughts as we close the year:

We don't have all the answers about COVID-19 and next school year. Our District is working diligently to make sure we return to school as much as safely possible. My personal hope is that we see students and see them a lot but I also want to ensure the safety of everyone who is a part of our community. Expect an update on the board agenda and during the board meeting next week. Also, expect regular updates from FSUSD and from me. I know your desire is to shut it all down over the summer but check in at least once or twice to make sure you are prepared for whatever is coming your way in August.

When we do return, I plan on leading an examination of our practices with an eye on working to create concrete changes, especially as it relates to creating a campus steeped in anti-racism. While some will point to the diversity of our student body as a reason to avoid talking about Black Lives Matter and broader issues of race, justice and equity, as the Principal of Cordelia Hills, I can guarantee you that we are not insulated nor immune from the issues that are confronting our greater community and country.

In my heart, I know that our students, staff, and parents desire the opportunity to talk, to plan, and to create change With this in mind, if you are interested in starting a dialogue about change on our campus, please reach out to me to express your interest. Email me or call me at 510-367-2550.


Thank you to the many staff members that reached out to express interest in joining leadership. It is a sizable number. I will reach out to you with final decisions and next steps. Thank you for your dedication to our school!

Classroom Keys

We are trying to get campus classrooms shut down. Please remember you need to turn your keys in to Sandi Fallon before you leave for the summer. Please do that ASAP. Email or call her if you have any questions. Please text me at 510-367-2550 as your first resort for contacting me this summer. Also, some of you have gifts in your box so please check in if you happen to stop by in the next week.

Lastly, I will continue to hand materials out and accept books (library or classroom) for the next two weeks from 9-2 PM.

5th Grade Farewell

Our 5th graders are being recognized in a unique way this year. We have some special gifts for them and we are hosting a REVERSE FAREWELL CAR Parade from 12-1:30 on June 12th. All staff members are welcome to cheer them on in front of the school! If you want to stop by, grab a parking spot and come up to the front of the school.
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Summer Library Reading Program

Check out this link on the Summer Library Reading Program:

Email Elaine with any questions.

Device Repair Information--Staff and Students

The schedule will change starting June 15th. Schedule is below:

Broken Device During Summer Months

During the summer TSS will continue the device drop off and pickup of staff and student devices with a modified schedule. The new schedule below will start on June 15, 2020.

Tuesday 9 AM - 11 AM Armijo High School

Wednesday 9 AM - 11 AM Rodriguez High School

Thursday 9AM - 11 AM Fairfield High School


Collaborative Passed! Hopefully, our school schedule looks somewhat normal so we can be together to collaborate. The one page bell schedule is being prepared but for your information:

Cordelia Bell Schedule by grade