Hurricane katrina


Hurricanes are one of the most storms on earth . For a hurricane to be called a hurricane, it must to reach 74 miles per hour winds . They form over the tropical oceans, and the Atlantic ocean , that gives the hurricane more power, and it gives the hurricane more wind speed. The

picture on the right shows a tracking map of hurricane Katrina.

How do people categorize and name hurricanes? In 1950 ,people named hurricanes by phonetic alphebet order. In 1953 , people had changed it to woman names . Now it is named in woman and men names . Hurricanes can be categorized by wind speed . The saffir-simson scale categorized hurricanes too . They are categorized by 1-5 ,5 being the worst .

How does a hurricane get it formation and strength ? Hurricanes to be able to form , it need to be over warm oceans , at lest 80 of or more . Hurricanes get its main strength by contact with warm oceans . Hurricanes season is June 1st to November 30th .

This week our hurricane is hurricane Katrina ! Hurricane Katrina was responsible for 1 thousand

deaths in the hurricane . This hurricane had 175 mph . Hurricane cost 81 billion dollars . This hurricane hit mostly New Orleans Louisiana . This hurricane hit a lot of states in the south.

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Alexis Moraza