The Rise of the Printing Press

Along with the dissemination of Columbus's first letter

In "The Diffusion of Columbus's Letter through Europe, 1493-1497 ", it says, "Christopher Columbus's 1493 announcement of the success of his voyage westward across the Atlantic ocean quickly became one of the earliest 'best sellers' of European publishing."

In "The Diffusion of the Movable Type Printing Press", it says, "The printing press's speedy takeoff caused the price of reading materials and documents to drop rapidly."

In "The Printing Press and its 'Impact' on Literacy", it says "The advent of the printing press over five hundred years ago may have been described as one of the few major significant events in mankind's history in terms of the greatest impact on literacy."

Columbus's First Letter

In "The Diffusion of the Movable Type Printing Press" it says, "Thanks to it's rapid diffusion the world is endowed in a treasure house of wisdom and knowledge."