The Great Aussie Bush Camp


.:The First Thing:.

On the 19h of June 2013 Stage 3 went to a place called the Great Aussie Bush Camp. We had to arrive at school at 7:30.It took around 2 to 3 hours to get to camp. When we got there we got split into day groups and room groups. In my room group I got Sam.C, Ben.L, Nathan.P, Lachlan.M and Leo.A. After unpacking we got split into our day groups my leader was Emma.

{[Activity One]}

The first activity for the day was rock climbing. The Goal was to reach the top of the wall. In my group I had Viruna.S, Ben.T David.C and Nathan.P. I did 4 different walls and i reached the top of 2 of them.

{[Activity Two]}

The second activity we did was meant to be Canoeing but it was raining so we did LOST the most muddiest, watery, cold and in some way awesome obstacle course i've ever been on. Because Canoeing was washed out we had to do LOST with another group. LOST includes pipes, logs, ropes, chains, tyres, and alot! of mud. The other group left early but our group stayed and did the full course of the cold and horrible course.

(!Food On Day One!)

On day one we came to camp at about lunch time so we had lunch a coople hours after we arrived. On the First day I had :

LUNCH: Burger


DINNER: Spaghetti Bolognese

DESSERT: Ice-Cream, Hot Chocolate and Cookies

.:Rise ANd shine DAY TWO:.

Once we had woken up at 6:00 AM we had 30 minutes to get dressed and talk to our friends before we went off to the big rock to have breakfast.

{[Activity Three]}

The first activity of day two was the GIANT SWING!!!! The goall was to get to the top of the swing. Me and Sam.C had to go back and forth bring the ladder in and out for people to go up and down to get on and off the swing. Unfortunately doing this would mean we would have to go on the swing last but atleast i got a go. When I got to the top my goggles fell of so i had no eye protection but it was good without the goggles because i could see what was going on. When i had the goggles on the were dirty with dirt in them so i could only see faintly. The swing was 13m high

{[Activity Four]}

Activity four was the most relaxing because we didn't have to run or anything we just had to canoe around everywhere. with 2 other people in our canoe. we did 5 activities in the canoes they were called romeo and juliet, fruit salad, a race, soccer on water and stuck in the mud.

<?Outside Of Camp?>

Outside of camp we did Sand dunes and a Rain forest walk we didn't do this out of camp but we also did a thing called county fair where you had to work at a stall and raise money.

(!Food On Day Two!)

On the second day I had:

Breakfast: Toast and Pancakes

Morning Tea: Snow Cones

Lunch: Sandwiches

Afternoon Tea: Snow Cones

Dinner: Sweet and Sour Chicken

To Be Continued....