By Tatum Newcomer


Chromium is a very fascinating element that we don't even know how important it is. Chromium can be found in many foods that most people eat all the time, like fruits and vegetables. It is also in buildings because it is strong and can withstand weathering and rust.


There are many uses for Chromium such as being used in stainless steel because it's very resistant to corrosion. It is also used to make bumpers and hubcaps on cars, as well as bicycles for the same reason. It is used so much because it is a common element that is found all over the surface of South Africa in a from called Chromite, that is found mostly found embedded in quartz.

Fun Facts

Some fun facts about Chromium are: Chromium is found in many things in our daily life such as broccoli. Chromium is also the 9th most abundant element found in the compounds in Earth's crust. Chromium is also an important part of our bodies. It is found in our stomach's to help us to digest food. It is also found in many foods such as yeast, meat, potatoes, fruits, vegetables spices, cereals, and cheese. Chromium can also be found in emeralds and paint.