By: Madison Anthony

Was Sweden a part of another countries at any point?

Sweden was not a part of any other countries.

When did Sweden join the European Union?

Sweden join the European Union in October 13,1994

Where is Sweden located? What are some surrounding countries?

The coordinates for Sweden are 59*N, 18*E.

Some surrounding countries are Denmark, Estonia, Finland and Germany.

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History of the Sweden flag

The flag was adopted on June 22,1906 but, the desgin is hundreds of years old. Desgined from Sweden national arms and of the Danish flag. The flag has a cross in the middle. The cross is yellow and the background is blue.
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What's the capital of Sweden and some of major cities?

The capital of Sweden is Stocholm. Some Major cities are Gothenburg, Malma, Uppsala and Luna.
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What are some place that attracts tourists?

There is one place called Karlstand. Karlstand is a city an there is fishing and other outdoor activities.

There is also a place called Kalmar. Kalmar has castles, museums and art galleries.

What are some physical features in Sweden?

One physical feature in Sweden is Klaralven. Klaralven is a river. The river is 460kmand accumulates water before it reaches the Vahern lake. The second physical feature is Scanainavian. Scanainavain is a mountain range.

What type of Goverment does Sweden have?

Sweden has a Parliamentary Democracy.

What currency type does Sweden use?

Sweden uses a currency type called Krona or Sweden crown.
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3 interesting facts about Sweden?

1) 86% of swedes live in cities.

2) There a 9.7 million people in Sweden.

3) Sweden is the 3rd largest European Union country in land area.

Was Sweden a founder of the European Union?

Sweden was not a founder of the European Union.