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Behavior Matters Nebraska

7200 S. 84th St LaVista, NE 68128

Nebraska ABA Services

Thank you to all the Omaha families for welcoming Behavior Matters into your homes and lives. We strive to provide the highest quality of care and professionalism. As the CEO, BCBA and parent of a child on the spectrum, please know that if at anytime you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be returning to Omaha is October and am planning to visit as many of you as I can. I would also like to offer group parent training sessions, possible a lunch and learn format. Be on the look out for date and times. The trainings will be offered at our new LaVista office.

Welcome to the Behavior Matters Family!


Team Nebraska:

Supervisors: Corey Cohrs, BCBA, Rebeka Edge, BCBA (Distance) and Jenna Rhodes, BCaBA (Distance)

Tutors: Nora Robinson, Phil Carey, Adan Iniguez, Aaron Martinez, Amanda Zupancic

COMING SOON: Speech Therapy with Brittany Thornton, CCC-SLP

Administrative Team: Rebeka Edge CEO, Laura Smith Business Manager, Angela Marusa Office Manager, Heidie Godfrey Accounting, Andrea Kramer NE coordinator

Google Group--

This group is for anyone interested in services or training provided by Behavior Matters Nebraska. Behavior Matters provides applied behavior analysis to children and adolescents with developmental delays in the home, community and/ or clinical settings.

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Ipad Survival/Sanity Tricks for Autism Parents: You Can Lock The Screen!!

We all know that our autistic kids love their iPads! My son loves his, but sometimes all he wants to do is open & close apps for an hour or so, and all I want him to do is play with one app or watch one video for an hour.

Did you know that you can disable the home button on your iPad, thereby forcing the kid to stay within the same app?

So your kid is forced to stay in the same game until you decide!

And you can also lock the touch functionality of the screen.

Ok, so you put on a Sesame video on the iPad. You've already disabled the home button so they can't leave the video to enter any other apps… but now he keeps rewinding the same scene over and over.

You can also disable the touch functionally of the iPad screen so, now they can't rewind or mess with the video.

Ok, so what about those game apps which are great, but have a parents button in the upper left corner that my kid keeps pressing which takes him out of the game experience. You can also just disable the touch functionally of certain sections of the screen.

"My kid will just keep triple clicking the home button and trying passwords over & over.

Well the one thing I didn't mention is that the first time you put in the wrong password it says incorrect password try again in 10 seconds" The second time? "try again in 60 seconds" The 3rd time and every time after?… "3 minutes"

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IEP-- Involved Educated Parent

Ten Common Mistakes Parents Make During the IEP Meeting

by Matt Foley, M.Ed., L.P.C. & DeAnn Hyatt-Foley, M.Ed.

Learning to Negotiate is Part of the
Advocacy Process
by Brice Palmer, Advocate

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Omaha Autism Resources, Events & Training


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Special Journeys:
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NRRS, Nebraska Resource and Referral System: Search among thousands of community agencies and organizations for the services and resources