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Join Our Cause!

Help the Kids Plus Education cause to help students have a good education! This cause is a voluntary, non-profit school that helps students learn everything that they couldn't understand in school. Help us today by volunteering or donating to our cause!

Why Is This Necessary?

7% of students drop out in high school, and not to mention that 8,300 people drop out daily. These people, like everyone, have the right to have a good education. A main reason that these people drop out is bullying or abuse. Together, we can teach them to stand up, and learn for their future. If you help, you'll be teaching the kids of tomorrow, and improving our future.

National Dropout Prevention Society

This society helps students stay in school, and to get a better education! This cause is very similar to ours, by preventing students from getting a bad education! Visit their website below for more info!


Students who join us will have a chance to win some prizes for doing well over the year!