John Batman

John Batman was an explorer

John Batman was born at Rosehill,Sydney, January 21, 1800 but died on May 6 1839.

John Batman had 7 children ( 7 daughters and 1 son ) his daughters names were Lucy Batman, Eliza Batman, Pelonomena Batman, Adelaide Batman, Elizabeth Mary Batman, Ellen Batman, Maria Batman, and a son John Charles Batman

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For what John Batman was best known for.

John Batman was famous and best known for being an adventurer.

What was his childhood like?

In 1821 John batman worked as a grazier ( A large sheep/cattle farmer) at the age of 20 at Van Diemens Land, which is now Tasmania, and within two years John Batman was contracted to supply the government meat stores at George Town.After a year, in 1824, he had enough capital to obtain a grant of 600 acres.

What was John Batman adulthood like?

In 1828 John Batman married Eliza Thompson, a convict. John Batman developed associations with men above his social standing, showing persistent vigour.