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Seattle University campus offers a range of work and service learning opportunities that are overlooked by many students. The Redhawk Network offers students a way of searching for jobs, internships, and more on campus and in local communities. Filtering and selecting the right fit for you can kick start your career, earn experience, and develop professionally. Below are some opportunities for work, leadership, and service within the SU community. Explore what there is to offer and go for it!

LEAD Team: Leadership Education and Development

The Lead Team work:

  • As facilitators of workshops and programs for the campus and local community
  • As mentors to help students find their individual leadership path
  • As advocates for leadership in other programs and campus events

More Information:

DEEP: Diversity and Equity Education Program

Members of the Diversity & Equity Education Program (DEEP) are Social Justice Peer Educators who create and facilitate activities focused on issues relating to race, gender, class, age, ability, religion, sexual orientation, and global engagement. Past DEEP events have included Courageous Conversations, Strategies for Liberation Workshops, Amplify Justice Rallies, and Artistic Justice Showcases. Members of DEEP engage in self-reflection, genuine dialogue, and ongoing education as they strive to promote the campus community's work toward the social justice mission.

Application Due: April 14th

More Information:

Redhawk Network

The Redhawk Network is a Seattle University resource to help students find employment both on campus and locally. To access RHN, sign in through the MySU portal. Create your profile. Add your resume, letters of recommendation, work experience, and any other valid information that would make you stand out in the crowd (this includes personalized cover letters). Maintaining a current and relevant profile will give you the best opportunity to show what you can bring to the table.

Top Tips:

  • Save your Job/Internship searches so you can easily and quickly find the right jobs for you.
  • Use the Advanced Search option to better filter results
  • Read ALL the qualifications for the position and see if you match the majority of them
  • Keep an open mind, you may be surprised by a job you think you wouldn't be interested in
  • Work experience of any kind (part-time, degree, non-degree, internships) is still great work experience
  • Check the RHN weekly

Additional Information: Visit the Redhawk Network site. Theresa will be holding RHN, resume, and cover letter workshops every Wednesday from 4pm-5pm.


  • Tutoring
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Mail Room
  • Student Van Driver
  • Resident Assistant during Summer Quarter
  • Campus Ministry
  • International Student Center Positions
  • Teacher Assistant (just ask)
  • Conference and Event Services
  • And many more...