Three for Thursday: 3/17/16

A few good things from the MJS IMC


Popplet: Mind Mapping Made Easy

Mind mapping is a valuable process for planning writing, brainstorming ideas or synthesizing information; therefore there are a multitude of web tools available to meet this need. One of my favorites however is Popplet; It's extremely easy to use, its interface is clean and simple, it allows for uploading content and even drawing and it's collaborative. Popplets can be shared via a link, worked on simultaneously and you can easily see who contributes what. The only downfall is that students can not click to sign up via their google accounts, however they can easily use their google account information, e-mail and password. I'm happy to show you and you students how to use this awesome tool!
scrible Overview

Scribble: Research Done Right

I'm always on the look out for tools that make annotating and note taking a more efficient process, and scribble does just that. After signing up for Scribble via their Google accounts, students drag the Scrible toolbar to their Chrome bookmarks. Whenever they want to annotate web content, they simply click on the toolbar and highlight, add sticky notes and more to their page. Their annotations get saved to a created Scrible Project where they can be organized through tags, color codes and more. Two downfalls of Scribble: although students can share their projects, they are not collaborative; Scrible does not work with PDF's.
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