For the war we need soldiers to donate their time.

We need your help!

Help Robert E. Lee and Thomas Jackson to win this war. Come on have slaves help for heavens sake. We even take women but if women don't sign up i don't don't care i just want peopleto join and help our leaders. The south is doing the right thing. we want slavery and they don't . we are better off different and split apart. I don't know what the north is thinking, but we are boing the right thing.

Our president needs us!


He was Born in Christian County, Kentucky. He was born on June 3, 1808. He is a good man. He died in New Orleans, Louisiana. We need to help him win win win win win Win win win win win win win win win! Come on he supports slavery.


  • The battle of Bull Run
  • The peninsular campaign
  • The battle of shiloh
  • The battle of chancellorville