The Star Spangled Banner

Nothing But The Truth

Philip Malloy tries to get into the track team but can't becasue he doesn't have passing grades

Philip Malloy tries out for the track team in his school but when he finds out he can't even try-out because of a rule about having passing grades, he blames it on his teacher. He needs a c- or higher in all subject's to try-out but when he ends up having a D in English, he says his English teacher, Ms. Narwin gave him a D because she doesn't like him when it might seem like it's because he's not a good reader.

"The rule... As it stands now, Phil-it's not me saying this, but this rule-you're not even allowed to try out. And I'm not going to kid you. This does mess with the team." (pg. 23, said by Coach Jamison).

"I read. Ever hear of The Outsiders? It's about these guys-they live alone-without parents." (pg. 29, said by Philip Malloy)

Philip hums the Star Spangled Banner when he is supposed to stay silent to get out of his english class

Philip tries to get out of Ms. Narwin's class by humming the national anthem when he's supposed to stay silent so he won't have to deal with a teacher who doesn't like him and gives Philip a D, making him unable to join the track team. But when he hums The Star Spangled Banner, it ends up being a disaster.


AVI was born in 1937 into a family with generations of authors. He has a twin sister who is also a writer gave him the name AVI because she couldn't say his full name. He was raised in New York. When AVI was young, his teachers told him that his writing didn't make sense. He later found out that he has dyslexia, which is a frustrating problem that makes writing difficult. But AVI didn't give up. This book has won A Newberry honor award, a Boston globe-horn book award, an ALA notable children's book award, and an ALA best book for young adults award