Mountain Shout-Outs

Volume 2 Issue 35

27 May 2016

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Jenni Whetstone, Traci Ranta, and Lauren Davis

Thank you so much for all of your support this year and making my first year as a teacher so much fun and so much less stressful than I imagined it would be! I could not have gotten through this year without all of your help, patience, words of encouragement & advice. ¬°Gracias por todo!

Betsy Swigart

Mountain Range Faculty

So many of you have worked so tirelessly this year with our students that have some pretty specialized needs. It really feels like we are making a huge movement towards students on IEPs to be "our students" as a school. What a great feeling-all of your time and effort has not gone unnoticed!


Barb, Kim, Lance, Paul, Barb, Kevin, and Virgil

Gracias to Barb, Kim, Lance and all the campus supervisors for the support with difficult students this year - you all are the best and I know you always have our backs! Mil gracias!!

Lauren Davis

Brandon Salling, Julie Enger, and Reshaun Castro

Many humble thanks to Brandon Salling, Julie Enger, and


Castro for helping me navigate the waters moving from classified to certified. I did not expect you all to do everything you did. You guys rock!

Val Durfee

9th Grade English Teachers

Thank you so much for supporting our 9th grade students through We the People, whether it was giving up precious class time, coaching students on off-hours, giving them encouragements, or teaching them presentation and research skills, we could not pull off this project without your support!

Laura Venturo

9th Grade Social Studies Teachers

Thanks for pulling yet another year of We the People off without a hitch! I know we often waffle between hating and loving this project, but all agree in the is worth it!!

Laura Venturo

Julie Enger, Bob Gorman, Brandon Salling, Lance Kercher-Pratt, Kim McAtee, Patricia LaRue, James Hock, Deb Dunnington, and Officer Gonzales

Thank you so much for giving up some of your time to judge our 9th grade students during We the People this year!

Laura Venturo

Megan Vanhoutte and Stacy Stansbury

We survived! You two are the greatest mental health team around. Your passion about doing what's best for kids is inspiring and I'm proud to work with both of you!


Tricia LaRue

Thank you SO much for the immense amount of time you spent with my classes preparing for We the People AND for the multiple sessions of judging that you did for our 9th grade team. It was fun working with you and I know we'll be even better next year!!

Laura Venturo

Mary Maydew

I have never seen another learning specialist work so hard to make sure her student's needs are being met. Your passion for individualization, differentiation and literacy is amazing-and you make me smile! Enjoy your well-deserved summer break!


Mary Murray

A thousand heartfelt thanks to Mary Murray for teaching me so much this semester in my final field experience! You are a treasure.

Val Durfee

Brandon Salling

You have been pretty amazing this year. Are you sure you're a rookie? It has really meant a lot that you are working so hard to learn about all areas of special education. I love seeing you pop up at all of the trainings!


Santiago Sisneros

Thank you for reading the test to the kids who need it for BOTH of my World History finals! I appreciate you taking your own time to do this!

Lindsay Kipp

Amy Smith

Deepest thanks also to Amy Smith for being flexible and putting up with my neuroses during this break and lunch-less semester.

Val Durfee

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