Flagler Beach,Florida

My favorite vacation spot

Sally's Ice Cream

The ice cream at Sally's is amazing. Theirs a bunch of different flavors like, cookie monster, cookies and cream, moose tracks etc. My favorite flavor is cookie monster

cookie monster is blue moon with crushed Oreo's and cookie dough. Here's the menu.

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Angel And Phelps Chocolate Factory

Angel and Phelps is a chocolate factory Known for its chocolate covered bacon. Angel and Phelps also makes a ton of other kinds of chocolate like 1 pound chocolate egg, or these swans, etc. FYI Angel and Phelps is in Daytona.
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Chocolate Factory Tour

The Beach

At the place i stayed at the sand was like tiny shells mashed together. But as you go further on the beach the sand changes and feels better on your feet. In some cases you can see crabs on the beach.
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Have the greatest time at flagler Joey Reiss

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