Nautilus Counseling Corner

Monthly Update from Mrs. Carlton

September 2022

This month in Toolbox we are learning to identify different feelings and emotions. We have learned about our first three "Power Tools" (Breathing Tool, Quiet/Safe Place Tool, and Listening Tool). Grades K-3 have started creating their own toolboxes, while 4-6 Grade students played "Feelings Charades" to portray the different ways we feel emotions. We will dive into learning more about our Breathing Tool and Quiet/Safe Place Tool in the next few weeks. The more children are able to identify how they are feeling- the easier it will be to overcome the challenges they face and build resilience.

Here are some books we are reading this month

Reasons to visit the School Counselor

School Counselors are trained in all aspects of emotional health, social and academic issues. We have tools to help students be successful and how to deal with stressful situations in life. Along with the social/emotional lessons (Toolbox) that I teach during library time, I also meet with students one-on-one when needed; individual counseling is limited to 10-15 minutes because we do not want to keep students out of class for a long period of time and miss out on important instruction. If your child needs more intensive support, I help guide families to outside resources and counseling services.

Everything that is said in my office, stays in my office. We will only share information if a student feels it needs to be shared with a friend, teacher or a parent. There are legal requirements we do have to follow which means we do have to report if a student says they are going to hurt themselves, hurt someone else, or someone else is hurting them.

Reasons to see a school counselor:

· Have someone listen for a few minutes without judgement.

· Discuss friendships, school work, and stress from home.

· Counselors are advocates for students and can teach coping, study, and organization skills.

· A counselor can help students through the steps of resolving a conflict.

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