Church teachings


Catholic church teachings on sexual indecency

•Sexual acts must respect the dignity of each person.

The catholic church thinks that me should all procreate

Catholic church teachings on contraception

The catholic church thinks that it is wrong be cause it stops you from haveing a kid and it is not natural

Informed conscience

informed conscience" means that if they feel something is right or wrong, then that makes it okay for them. In other words, if one feels something is not sinful (such as abortion or divorce) then it isn't. This is a understanding of an informed conscience.

What is a healthy relationship ship

Showing you care
Not fighting constantly
Loving one another
Being able to Communicate
Don't lie
Learn to forgive - admit your mistakes and say sorry.
Be responsible
Spending good quality time with each other
Just appreciate each other

what makes a healthy relationship

Every relationship is built on a thin cord of trust. Unless it is treated intricately, even a good relationship would cease to remain. Trust develops from an understanding and respecting the differences that do exist in every relationship