Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer, What Breast Cancer Is

Breast Cancer is mutated cells in the breast(s) of woman and even small percentages of men. Breast Cancer is cancer that has started in the breast, Cancer itself is mutated cells that happen for either genetic reasons or even because of something you did, like lung and throat cancer, Lung and throat cancer are caused from people smoking things such as cigar's and other tobacco related items.

Breast cancer simply starts in the breast of woman and men.

Breast Cancer, What, how, why.

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Risk of Breast Cancer, and how to reduce risk.

In this paragraph I will be informing you on the risk of breast cancer and also how to help yourself when you have breast cancer.

To keep yourself healthy try not to drink any alcohol, or gain any weight you do not need. Try to stay happy and in shape. Your body is your only defense against Cancer/Breast Cancer

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An Interview with Breast Cancer Survivor, Maggie Browne

This video and its connection to Breast Cancer,

Breast Cancer Survivor maggie browne talks about her treatments and what she had to do during breast cancer and gives advice any other breast cancer survivor would agree with.

If you want to look at the Cancer site suggested at the end of the video I will leave a link here: