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Why did they become bushrangers?

The first bushrangers, the escaped convicts, became thieves and muderers so they could stay free.Some also became bushrangers because they were greedy or wanted revenge.

What part of Australia did they operate in?

With the discovery of gold in NSW and Victoria many farmers left their land to try their luck in the gold fields,that's when bushrangers became a big problem.Also in NSW bushrangers operated mainly around Sydney farms and the outer settled areas of the town.Convicts in Tasmania also became bushrangers which then was called Van Diemen's Land.They operated in isolated bush around settlement.

Who were the most ten famous bushrangers?

The ten most famous bushrangers were Black Caesar,Ned Kelly,Jacky Jacky,Frank Gardiner,Mad Dan Morgan,Black Mary,Mary Ann Bug,Captin Moonlite and Harry Power.

The bushrangers era

There were two bushranging eras the first started in 1788 and ended in 1850. the second periode started in 1850 and ended in 1880

What did bushrangers do?

Bushrangers stole from banks and houses and killed many policemen and innocent people