Eagle Crest Family Newsletter

October 28, 2021

Principal Message

Hello Eagle Crest Families!

Tomorrow is our annual ECES Halloween Parade! I am so excited to bring back this beloved family event in a safe and fun environment. We will be kicking off the parade right at 2:15pm, and we ask that families join us outside of the building. We will make a full lap around the school and spectators will have the best viewing spots outside of the cones that will be strategically placed.

Remember, all students are welcome to wear their Halloween costumes to school and should plan to arrive with the full costume on and ready to go. Costumes must be school appropriate and not interfere with the learning environment. Please do not send students with anything violent (weapons, blood, etc.), or costumes that could be a safety hazard (masks, large tails, etc.). Individual teachers have sent information home regarding classroom celebrations. At this time we are not able to invite families inside the school for our classroom festivities, but we hope that this outdoor experience will be fun for everyone!

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow afternoon!



Amanda Holden



Dean of Students Message

Hello Eagle Crest Families!

On Late Start next week we will have our first assemblies of the year! Our 5th Grade Leaders have been busy planning an outdoor and interactive assembly that will teach students special traditions from the Mwebaza Annex School.

Right now the weather forecast will be very fall-like around 52 degrees. This outside format for assemblies is new, but unless the weather forecast calls for precipitation or very cold/windy conditions we will plan on moving forward with the 30 minute assemblies. Please send your child to school with a coat and/or some layers on Wednesday. We want all students to be prepared in case it is cloudy or sunny!

All the best,

Lindsey Cheney

Dean of Students


Upcoming Dates

October 29, 2021 - Halloween Parade

November 3, 2021 - Late Start Wednesday

November 10, 2021 - PTO/Mwebaza Fundraiser at Raising Cane's

November 10, 2021 - Hearing and Vision Re-check

November 22-26 - Thanksgiving Break

Lost and Found Pick-up

On Friday, 10/29 we will have a table with Lost and Found items out in front of the school after the parade and through dismissal. Please stop by and pick up any items that belong to your family. We will do another Lost and Found pick up in early December and then donate unclaimed items during Winter Break.

K-5 Music Classes

Hello Eagle Crest families!

I am excited to tell you about all that is happening in music class. This week all grades and classes have been having fun using percussion instruments and scarves to move to fall-themed music. Here’s a more specific breakdown by grade!

K-1: Here in the younger grades we are practicing finding and keeping a steady beat. We are also exploring our voices using voice maps, or as I like to call them, squiggle charts! In first grade we are practicing ti-ti’s and ta’s (also known as eighth notes and quarter notes) by reading and singing songs. Our favorite thing right now is to play a game called Bounce High, Bounce Low where we are practicing singing together and saying each other's names. We also are having a great time singing Pumpkin Stew and 5 Little Pumpkins to celebrate fall!

2-3: In second and third grade we are diving into solfege. Right now we are practicing hearing, singing, and visually identifying Do, Re, and Mi. At the beginning of the year we started our solfege (sometimes called hand signs) journey with learning Sol, La, and Mi. My goal is that by the end of fifth grade each class will have “unlocked” all of the hand signs in the major scale (do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, and high do). The rhythmic concept that we are practicing right now is tika-tika (sixteenth notes), ti-tika, and tika-ti. Our favorite games that we use to practice these concepts are Apple Tree, Poison Rhythm, Solfa Wars, and Music Basketball.

4-5: Similar to second and third grade, our older grades are practicing reading, identifying, and singing do, re, mi, sol, and la. We are also continuing to build rhythmic fluency to prepare students for middle school music. Our most recent rhythm patterns involve practicing ti-tam (also known as eighth note-dotted quarter note). Our favorite games that we use to practice these concepts are Poison Rhythm, Solfa Wars, and Music Basketball. On Fridays I save a chunk of our class time to play percussion instruments like bells, drums, finger cymbals, and triangles.

Census Verification Forms

Today in Thursday folders, you received a census verification form that lists all of your family’s contact information, as well as your child’s emergency contacts. Please review it carefully, make any changes you wish and return it to the teacher as soon as possible. This will allow us to update Infinite Campus with the most accurate information in case we need it in an emergency.

Thank you,

Dinah Sherwood



PTO Update

Dear Eagle Crest Families,

The PTO Gratitude Committee is hosting a K-Cup collection drive to restock the staff lounge. Look for donation buckets at drop-off or send K-Cup boxes in with your student to take to the front office. Thank you in advance for supporting our teachers and staff!

Proceeds from our Wednesday, November 10th restaurant fundraising night at Raising Cane's will benefit our Mwebaza Sister School.

Have a great week,

Jenn Pensy, PTO president

Boo! - ktober Reading Challenge

Spooktacular reading again this week! Students read 26,000 NEW minutes this past week to bring our total reading minutes to 84,000. When we reach our goal of half a million minutes, we will have a school wide celebration!

Congratulation to this week's FREE BOOK WINNERS:

Kindergarteners - Madeline E. in Butterfield, Karch F. in Loos, Scott H. in Woolaway

1st graders - Prabal S. in Phillips, Des T. in Bauer, Gemma U. in Doyle

2nd graders - Lauren B. in Dudley, Liam H. in Hammond, Jack H, in Murfitt

3rd graders - Rezwan A. in Gaccetta, Luke S. in Brennan, Violet G. in Whitt

4th graders - Maddie B. in Potter, Liya T. in Sudbeck, Daniella V. in Cooper

5th graders - Brody B. in Blaser, Zeb S. in Dumler, Erica R. in Eskridge

Log reading minutes for a chance to win a FREE BOOK! All types of reading count - bedtime stories, audiobooks, independent reading, MyOn, Sora, etc, Weekly Reading Log

So grab a book and read!

Join Us! #StVrainStorm

St. Vrain Valley Schools is hiring essential positions in the following departments: transportation services, before- and after-school childcare, nutrition services, custodial services, and special education paraprofessionals. At Eagle Crest we are hiring para-educators for our Special Education program working with students with affective needs. St. Vrain team members are an integral part of their school and building community and serve as role models for students. Employees in essential roles enjoy strong benefit packages, flexible schedules, and paid training.

Learn more and apply >>

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October Lunch and Specials Schedule

Our Music, PE, and Art classes are on a 3 day rotation. Each day we have school is either a Red, Gold, or Purple day. These colors are shared on our school lunch menu to help families plan ahead for necessary supplies like sneakers for PE.

Lunch/Specials Schedule Linked Here

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